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bicaligirl's Journal

3 June 1979
69, agnosticism, alternative lifestyles, arousal, art, beauty, being frisky, being naked, being silly, bettie page, bisexuality, biting, body art, body modification, body piercing, bondage, boobies, breasts, candles, caressing, cleavage, clits, corsets, creativity, cuddling, cumming, dancing, dancing in the rain, dark humor, darkness, debauchery, desire, deviance, dihydrogen monoxide, dildos, dykes, erotic art, erotic stories, erotica, eroticism, exhibitionism, eyes, falling in love, fantasies, fingering, flashing, flirting, foreplay, freckles, french kissing, fucking, full moon, going barefoot, handcuffs, hentai, holding hands, honesty, hot lesbian action, hugging, human sexuality, imagination, intelligence, intelligent conversation, intelligent people, kilts, kissing, kissing in the rain, knickers, lace, laughing, leather, lesbians, licking, lingerie, lips, lovemaking, lust, making love, massage, masturbation, men, moonlight, music, mutual masturbation, nakedness, necks, nibbling, nipples, non-monogamy, open minds, oral sex, orgasms, panties, passion, people watching, playfulness, pleasure, polyamoury, polysexuality, pornography, pro-choice, procrastination, public nudity, pussies, pussy pics, queer, rain, randomness, reading, romance, safe sex, sapiosexuality, sensuality, sex, sex toys, sexual openness, sexuality, sexy geeks, silliness, skin, skirts, snuggling, spooning, stimulating conversations, stimulation, stockings, stories, stroking, sucking, talking, tattoos, teasing, tits, touch, touching, toys, turning people on, twisted humor, undies, upskirt, vibrators, voyeurism, water, wet pussy, women, ♀♀, ,